Friday, April 3, 2009

Tiny virgins girls

tiny virgins girls

Joseph in Eqypt - 7 good & 7 bad years Below is from a stone tablet from a tomb (discovered in 1850) of a wealthy Yemenite woman who died during the Egyptian famine recorded in Genesis 41. This tablet confirms the biblical account of Joseph's careful management of Egyptian food reserves during the 7 ...

Okay It's Almost Silver Bella Time

Okay.......I have been missing in action.  Things have been go, go, go around here.  My childhood friend Regina from Michigan came to visit me for some much needed "girl time".  Regina & I have been friends since I was 5 years old when I moved to East Lansing, M...

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I Have No Hugo Ideas, and I Must Vote!

The deadline for Hugo Award nominations is shockingly early this year: midnight (PST) February 28th. Hence, I feel ill-prepared to vote, notwithstanding that, for a change, IĆ¢€™ve read several eligible novels. (Short fiction is hopeless, as usual.) FWIW, here they are, alphabetically by author, with...

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tiny virgins girls

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tiny virgins girls

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